Warm Up Bones

by Krekel and Whoa

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released October 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Krekel and Whoa Asheville, North Carolina

Roots music duo out of Asheville, NC. Jason Krekel and Ami Whoa. Joy and love.

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Track Name: Superhero
come on won't you hold my hand
you are my superman
it would be no surprise
if i saw you fly

you are a superhero, and you are mine

if a cape is not your style
you could save the world with your smile
leaping buildings with a single bound
your powers, they astound

you are a superhero, and you are mine

you can read my mind
everything you say is kind
and i can't hide
from your x-ray eyes

i call you up on the phone
let you know that your cover's blown
no vow of secrecy
can keep the truth from me

you are a superhero, and you are mine

you are mine

you are mine

you are mine
Track Name: Hog
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me I'll be there
I love you baby (I'm talkin' to you)
I don't mean maybe (no one else will do)
I love you baby, I 'aint gonna stop
I love you baby like a hog loves slop!

Singing and dancing together,
no Saturday night could be better.
Sunday afternoon waking up late in bed,
the eggs and coffee go straight to my head.

When you walk in heads are turnin'.
Short dress and high boots make me yearn.
When you step to me baby i just can't believe
with you I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Sometimes I sabotage this love that I found,
I open my mouth and I sound like a clown.
I got to stop this beast inside- this raging hound,
like a ship that is sinking dragging both of us down.
You know I love you but I've got some nerve,
don't let your love fly away like a fragile bird.
I want to make it up to you, pay interest on my words,
Give me another chance, love's so absurd.
Track Name: Warm Up Bones
you've changed
not looking for answers in another drink
it's brave
nothing to hide the things that you think

being alone in the darkness
not trying to cover your scars
facing the why's and the what if's
breathing the light of the stars

each page
you write are words you were brought here to say
the notes play
songs that you sing linger and stay

filling the world with wonder
the power in how you live
even when doubt drags you under
you're lifted up by all you can give

what can i say?
to warm up bones that are frozen and blue
a new day
will find you with things you had hoped would come true
Track Name: Scramblin'
Scramblin' to get along
scramblin' to right my wrong.
Scramblin' to pay my dues
Scramblin' trying not to lose.

Him- When we were younger we used to play and flirt.
Her- Now I see you older all full of hurt.
Him- I can't give you what you need.
Her - All grown up and got kids to feed.
Him- I spend all my time working on my art.
Her- Try to talk to you but you blow me off.
Him- I don't know were my next dollar comes from.
Her- You don't like working for no one!

Scramblin' to pay my bills
scramblin' trying to get my fill
Scramblin' to make it through the week
Scramblin' to stay on my feet.

Him- Someday I'm gonna write a big hit song.
Her- Gonna cash in your chips and it won't be long.
Him- Your Daddy always said that I would never stand.
Her- Wish you had money but that's not in the plan.
Him- Well I'm gonna show him when I get mine.
Her- You don't have to worry everything will be fine.
Him- They say what don't kill you will only make you stronger.
Her- Guess we're gonna have to wait a little bit longer.

'Cuz I'm...
Scramblin' to get along
scramblin' to write a song
Scramblin' just to keep what's mine
scramblin' to make a dime.
Scramblin' all the time...
Track Name: Always Break
all my life i've carried
a heaviness inside
gonna sail across the ocean
and see a peacock fly

days and days i've spent in a fog
spent my days in a fog
alligators are all about
i am lost in this bog

i always break my own heart
i always break my own heart
i always break my own heart
i always break my own heart

it is dark deep down in this cave
there's no way i can see
spending time with a grizzly bear
i will never get free

there is nothing to figure out
there's no one i can please
life's sweetness will make me shout
when i'm stung to death by bees

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